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The Memory of What We Hear!

Children learn from hearing, years before they learn to read. They know words, phrases, sentences and complex ideas long before they see these on a page.

Impressionability which decreases with age, is most sensitive in the infant and young child. During this time, learning occurs by leaps and bounds, from these impressions which will become lifelong retentions in the memory.

If we begin life, learning to put so much importance on what we hear during our earliest formative memories, how important are we cued into absorb and remember what we hear during our adult years. Hearing not only comes first, but may form the most lasting impressions to memory.

Observe a pet who cannot read. Once they have know if a sound pleases them or not, they will react to that sound in the same way for the rest of their lives.

Observe two children. One raised in a shouting family, the other in a family of quiet adults. Notice how these children act and react as they grow up. The point is, we remember what we hear, and we remember it subconsciously as well!

You may have read many books in your life. Some you remember, some not. However, think back to any of the childhood stories that were read to you. Notice how these have stayed with you because you listened to them.  More..

Karmic Astrology 1 Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation PDF Book

This Martin Schuman book now comes in two Editions. The Print Edition can be downloaded instantly to your desktop or laptop and viewed in adjustable print sizes with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader (included with your purchase). The Audio Book Edition can also be downloaded instantly and listened to from your PC, Laptop, Mobile Device, MP3 Player or Ipod.

Karmic Astrology 1 The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation

Wisdom is the reward for a lifetime of listening, when you preferred to talk.
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