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Earth Houses  The Second House ruled by Taurus and the planet Venus, The Sixth House ruled by Virgo and the planet Mercury and the Tenth House ruled by Capricorn and the planet Saturn. These houses rule down-to-earth matters where much can be accomplished through physical effort.

Earth Signs  Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These signs are planners, practical and realistically down to earth in their life outlook. They are the doers of the zodiac.

Eighth House  This House rules sexuality, business, other people's values, the occult and secrets. It symbolizes how the individual learns to regenerate their difficulties and transform their life through effort. The sign on the cusp indicates how these matters are dealt with. The Eighth House is analogous to the Sign Scorpio

Eleventh House  This House rules friendship, organizations, universality, one's ideals, and conception of and relation to social change. The sign on the cusp indicates how the individual deals with these matters. The Eleventh House is analogous to the Sign Aquarius

Ephemeris  A Book with data tables showing calculated planetary positions for each day month and year over a specified number of years. Some Ephemerides are calculated from midnight, others noon. The preference is entirely up to the astrologer or the individual using the ephemeris. Node Ephemeris.

Exhaltation  A planet is in exhaltation when it is in a sign in which it receives much benefit from either the element or mode and character of the sign. Example: Moon in Taurus



Fall  A planet has difficulty giving benefit to the individual when it is opposite the sign it rules. In such an instance, we say the planet is in its Fall. Example: Mars in Libra.

Fifth House  This House rules children, creativity, love life, affairs, and all that one does to create their own life. The sign on the cusp indicates how these matters are approached. This House is analogous to the Sign Leo

Fire Signs  Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These signs are usually energetic and fiery enough in their nature to inspire others.

Fixed Houses  The Second House ruled by Taurus and the planet Venus, the Fifth House ruled by Leo and the Sun, the Eight House ruled by Scorpio and the planets Mars and Pluto and the Eleventh House ruled by Aquarius and the planet Uranus. These houses deal with the etheric constants of life.

Fixed Signs  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. These signs are steadfast in their life outlook and often fixed in their attitudes.

First House  Beginning at the Ascendant or Rising Sign, this House rules the Self identity, personality, physical appearance, the face the individual shows to the outer world, and with the Ascendant is the karmic filter through which past-life residual experiences and memories are integrated with the current-life outer world. This House is analogous to the Sign Aries.

Fourth House  This House rules home, family, roots of life and childhood. It is one of the four angles of the chart (First House, Fourth House, Seventh House, Tenth House) and as such is significant in terms of the individual's approach to life, especially during the formative years. The sign on the cusp indicates how the matters of this house are understood and dealt with. This House is analogous to the Sign Cancer



Gemini  Gemini is the 3rd. Sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by Mercury and symbolized by the Twins, Gemini is concerned with communication, relationships between ideas and people, elementary learning and expression. It is a dichotomous sign, often in conflict between mortal and immortal concepts, yet always wanting to learn. Gemini is analogous to the 3rd House of brothers and sisters, and communication. To learn more about this sign, see Your Sun in Gemini Life and The Third House.

Glyph  The symbol used to identify. describe and show the location of; planets, astrological parts such as arabian parts, nodes, and other astrological data on a chart wheel.

Grand Cross  Sometimes called a Grand Square, this is a very intense aspect holding within it a great deal of energy. As such it is often thought of as the 'make-or-break' aspect depending upon how it gets used. It is composed of two oppositions and four squares so that the drawn aspect appears to be in the shape of a cross or square.



Hemisphere  There are two hemispheres in the chart, the lower and the upper, each consisting of six houses. The lower hemisphere deals with matters of the personal self, while the upper hemisphere involves how the individual deals with the higher self and their evolution on this planet.

Hieroglyphics  Early forms of writing on walls of caves and pyramids, particuarly in Egypt, where symbolic pictures depicted important events like seasons and rituals. Deciphering these, makes it possible to piece together an understanding of how early civilizations lived and what was important to their culture.

Horary  The type of astrology that attempts to answer a question based on a chart done for the time and place the question is asked. The theory is that the alignment and aspect placements of the celestial spheres prompted the consciousness that brought about the question and thus hold the within it, the clues to the answer. This often works.

Horoscope  The symbolic map of the heavens drawn on a chart wheel to depict the placements and relationships between planets and/or asteroids for a given date and time at a specific place on earth.

House(s)  The zodiacal chart is divided into twelve areas of life experience, called the Houses. It is in these areas that the planetary energies will be used for the individual to meet the karma of their self-created life.
See Angular Houses, House to House System.



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