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Inconjunct  The 135 degree aspect often thought of as difficult and inharmonious. This aspect takes on special meaning when it is part of a Venus Yod. This applies only to this planet. See Venus the Gift of Love

Inner Planets  Mercury, Venus and Mars. Interestingly enough, each inner planet rules two signs, while the outer planets do not. These inner planets are the personal planets holding rulership over things individuals cannot avoid dealing with.

Intercepted  Most houses contain two signs. Sometimes larger houses contain three. The middle sign is said to be intercepted because it is neither connected to the sign that starts the house or the sign that ends it. For a discussion of intercepts see The Astrology of Sexuality





Karma  The sum total of unresolved past causes that are now affecting the present and future of the current incarnation. Many of these causes come from conditions in past lives. Some come from the past in this life and others are being caused now.

Karmic  Describes a condition that has to be resolved before an individual can commence with their soul evolution. Karmic conditions could be unresolved habit patterns, fears or memories that need to be understood and dealt with in order to go forward in one's life.

Karmic Astrology  Accepted astrological theory that sees this life as a continuum of past incarnations carrying the unresolved karmic burdens from them as well as bearing the fruit of resolved past life lessons learned. Karmic Astrology's most important past life factor is the position of the Moon's Nodes. Read a Karmic Astrology tutorial.

Karmic Lessons  Denotes the substative overcoming of repetitive tests, each symbolizing a lesson to be learned from experiences that help the soul to grow out of past life mis-steps and go forward along its journey to enlightenment. A better understanding of how Karmic Lessons are learned is explained in how Karma works.



Latitude  The distance in degrees from the earth's equator. Latitude can be North (degrees above the equator) or South (degrees below the equator). See Latitudes in the U.S.A.

Leo  The 5th. Sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the Sun and symbolized by the Lion for its bravery and courage. This Sign is concerned with ardent love, self pride, ego, display, theatre, leadership, willpower, might and right, dependability, the spirit of fatherhood and children. It is analogous to the 5th House of creativity and the power of the self. For more explanation of this Sign, see Your Sun in Leo Life and The Fifth House

Libra  The 7th. Sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Venus and symbolized by The Scales of fairness and justice. Libra rules love, beauty, decorating, fineries, refinement, aesthetic senses, music and the arts, kindness, care, balance, moderation, mediation, compromises, cooperation, marriage, partnership and all matters of the 7th. House. To learn more about this Sign, see Your Sun in Libra Life and The Seventh House

Longitude  The distance in degrees from Greenwich England which is the zero meridian. Longitude is further defined as being East or West depending on its direction from Greenwich England. See Longitudes in the U.S.A.


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