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Major Aspect  The Conjunction, the Opposition, the Square and the Trine. These aspects are most intense and felt with more influence than minor aspects.

Mayan  The Mayan Indians of the Yucatan Peninsula were one of the earliest civilizations to develop an accurate Calendar.

Midheaven  The highest point in the horoscope, sometimes associated with the tenth house, but supposedly a higher meaning, depicting what the entire chart is aspiring to reach.

Midpoints  The halfway distance between two planets aspecting each other. Example. The midpoint of two plants in square aspect (90 degrees apart) would be 45 degrees. Any planet at the midpoint of two other planets in aspect to each other acts as the pivotal point of the larger aspect.

Minor Aspect  The sextile, the inconjunct, the semi-sextile. These aspects are less intense and are felt with less influence than major aspects.

Moon  The Moon is the inferior luminary, having no light of its own, it reflects the light of the Sun. Yet, because of its proximity to Earth, a mere 240,000 miles, and its frequency of changing phases, and moving through astrological signs, this luminary has a marked effect on human life, holding rulership over planting, the mother principle, emotions, home, childhood, matters of the Fourth House, and most importantly leaves a trail (known as the Moon's Nodes) when crossing the Ecliptic that holds rulership over the Soul's Karmic Lessons.See Karmic Astrology vol. 1. The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation.
Moon's Cycle  The four phases of the Moon take approximately 28 days to complete, which interestingly enough, coincides with February (the shortest month) as the only month whose length fits the Moon cycle almost exactly. Is the aspect between the Moon and the Moon's Nodes important in a chart? See literature on The Moon's Nodes

Moon's Nodes  The trail the Moon makes when it cross the ecliptic. There are two Nodes, North and South. The South Node is often interpreted as residue from past incarnations that have to be improved on in the current life. The North Node symbolizes the new experiences that are the soul's path for the future. See Karmic Astrology vol. 1. The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation. and Moon's Nodes Reviews

Moon's Phases  The Moon moves from no light at New Moon (subjective consciousness) through its first and second quarter crescent phases (while it is said to be Waxing) to full Light at Full Moon (objective consciousness), then back in diminishing light through its third and fourth quarter phases (while it is said to be Waning) to no light again at the next New Moon. See Karmic Astrology vol. 1. The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation.

Mutable Houses  The Third House ruled by Gemini and the planet Mercury, the Sixth House ruled by VIrgo and the planet Mercury, the Ninth House ruled by Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter and the Twelfth House ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune. These houses symbolize great emotional experiences that bring about dynamic changes in the belief system.

Mutable Signs  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. These signs are pliable in their outlook and willing to make important changes in their lives.

Mutual Reception  When two planets are each in the sign the other rules they are in mutual reception. Example: Mars in Leo and the Sun in Aries.


Nadir  The angular point at the cusp of the Fourth House opposite the Midheaven. Based on the individual's foundations in life the entire chart either stands or falls on this point.

Ninth House  This House rules outlook, philosophy, higher education, nature, literature, foreign travel and learning, as well as legal matters. The sign on the cusp shows how the individual approaches these concerns. This House is analogous to the Sign Sagittarius.

Nodes  The most important planetary nodes are the Moon's Nodes. These symbolize the path the moon makes while crossing the ecliptic, and as such symbolize the path of the soul from one incarnation to another.

North Node  (of the Moon), symbolizes the highest area expression in the current life to be reached only after the karmic lessons of the South Node are satisfied, for it symbolizes the new experiences as yet untried, which hold the individual's future evolution. More.. North Node.



Opposition  The 180 degree major aspect between planets: 9' orb allowed - interpreted as having the influence of being conflicting, opposing, frustrated, paradoxical, yet objective.

Orb  The degree distance allowed for an aspect to be legitimate. 9 degrees is the widest allowed orb and can safely be applied to larger degree aspects such as the opposition (180') and the trine (120'). As aspects get closer it is a matter of judgment to decrease the number of degrees allowed in the orb so that it is always between 1% of the aspect, at its most lenient down to 1/2% of the aspect at its most strict. While the 9' orb works on most aspects, the smaller the allowed orb, the greater the effect of the aspect. See 'New Light on Aspect Orbs'.

Orbit  The path a Planet takes as it traverses around the Sun. The inner planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars have much smaller orbits than the outer planets. Since the planetary year is measured by the length of time it takes for a planet to complete its journey around the sun, these inner planets, with smaller or shorter orbits, have smaller planetary years than the outer planets.

Outer Planets  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the outer planets. As a rule they are larger, have much larger orbits and spend more time making transits through a sign than the inner planets. Thus, they have rulership over longer term events or periods of years.


Part of Fortune  Arabian part symbolizing the most harmony between the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. See "Joy and the Part of Fortune" for how to find and interpret your own Part of Fortune.

Past Lives  According to mounting evidence supporting the theory of reincarnation, individual souls experience a continuum of lifetimes which give them experiential lessons to learn from along their path to evolution. Karma in the current life. becomes for the most part the results these past lives and how they were lived.

Personal Planets  The Planets from the Sun to Mars, i.e. - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, are called the Personal Planets, for they symbolize uniquely personal energies, used in close interactive experiences.

Pisces  The 12th. Sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Neptune and symbolized by the Fishes. Pisces is concerned with dreams, illusions, arts and music, the aesthetics of life, designing, sensitivities, perception, feeling, beliefs, dissolution, sacrifice and religion and is analogous to the 12th. House. To learn more about this Sign, see Your Sun in Pisces Life and The Twelfth House

Piscean Age  The 2000 year Age from 0000 A.D. until 2000 A.D. This was the age of Christ. To learn more about this Sign, see Your Sun in Pisces Life and The Twelfth House

Planet  A celestial sphere following its orbit around the Sun of our Solar System, having its own distinct properties of mass, weight, size, elements etc, as well as Astrological Properties ascribed it through eons of human observance.

Planetary Event  is signified when two or more Planets form distinct relationships to each other's movement through space. Aspects, Eclipses and Retrogrades are examples of Planetary Events.

Polarity  The masculine or female designation of zodiac signs, starting with aries as masculine and then reversing polarity with each succeeding sign. The polarity implies the approach to life that individuals of a sign use to deal with their challenges and opportunities.

Progressed  By counting one day in the ephemeris for each year of life, a progressed chart can be found, which reflects the slow and gradual karmic learning process that has been so far achieved and at what point in that process is the individual now. Progressions can be thought of as stronger than transits inasmuch as they reflect an ongoing learning process that the individual is facing in their earth life.



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