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Reincarnation  The belief that we live different lives through which we learn lessons that help us to evolve our soul. The practice of determining what effects these different lives have on our current incarnation through the astrological chart, is called Karmic Astrology, the astrological philosophy and methodology created by Martin Schulman (the original copyright owner). Also see.. The Moon's Nodes.

Retrograde  The apparent backwards motion of planets as the earth passes them in its orbit. All planets spend some time in retrograde motion except the Sun and the Moon. The Moon's Nodes, however, are in natural retrograde motion. For a thorough study of retrogrades and their influence, see Karmic Astrology II, Retrogrades and Reincarnation and Retrogrades Reviews.

Rulership  Each planet holds rulership over a particular zodiac sign. A planet is said to be in its rulership when it is posited within the sign it rules. Example: Mars in Aries.



Sagittarius  The 9th. Sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Jupiter and symbolized by the Archer. Sagittarius is concerned with literature and the higher mind, philosophy, mental journeys, foreign languages, expansiveness, freedom and bachlorhood, higher learning and education, religion, legal justice, legislation, far journeys, sports, the outdoor natural environment and large animals. To learn more about this Sign, see Your Sun in Sagittarius Life and The Ninth House.

Saturn  The sixth Planet from the Sun and second largest in the Solar System. Saturn is found orbiting between Jupiter and Uranus, distinctive for its many concentric rings that surround it. Astrologically, Saturn holds rulership over Capricorn and the Tenth House, Father-like figures, adulthood, sternness, structure, planning, purpose, time, habitual behavior, and karmic patterns.

Saturn Cycle  It takes Saturn approximately 29.5 years to complete its journey around the Sun. This coincides with the Astrological Saturn cycles which represent a maturing process, as well as karmic phases. It is generally thought that how many Saturn cycles one gets to experience depends on how well they do their karma.

Saturn Return  This occurs approximately every 29.5 years when Saturn finishes its orbit around the Sun. It symbolizes the ending of life plan of accomplishment or journey towards a goal,- a kind of karmic fulfillment followed by the starting of a new cycle.

Saturnian  Refers individuals under strong Saturn rulership, either Capricorn or Capricorn on the MC or Ascendant or many planets in it or aspects to planets in it, thus making the individual take a very sober and serioous sometimes dour attitude towards life, often appearing visually to be "saturnian".

Scorpio  The 8th. Sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Pluto and Mars and symbolized by the Scorpion. This Sign is concerned with sex, death, regeneration, the occult, business matters, secrets, betrayal, research, medicine, privacy, tawdry sex, deep study and isolation. It is analogous to the 8th. House of sex, death and regeneration. To learn more about this Sign, see Your Sun in Scorpio Life and The Eighth House.

Separating Aspect  This occurs as two planets after having made an exact aspect, move further away fom the exact degree of the aspect. Thus, the aspect they form is becoming less exact and the intensity of its effect is weakening.

Second House  This House rules money, values, possessions and needs for security. The sign on the cusp indicates how the individual relates to these matters.This House is analogous to the Sign Taurus.

Seventh House  This House rules marriage, partnerships, open adverseries, confrontations, and is one of the angular houses (First House, Fourth House, Seventh House, Tenth House) making it significant in how the individual relates to their environment (in this instance, with relationships).This House is analogous to the Sign Libra.

Sextile  The 60 degree aspect; orb 2-3', - a minor yet harmonious aspect thought to increase intelligence. This aspect becomes quite special when it is found in a Venus yod. See Yod.

Sign  Refers to Astrological Sign depicting one of twelve 30 degree segments of the constellations. The Signs are, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Sixth House  This House rules health, work and service (to the self). It is the culmination of the lower personal hemisphere of the horoscope. The sign on the cusp indicates how the individual relates to these matters. This House is analogous to the Sign Virgo.

Solar Chart  A solar chart is erected when a birth time is either unknown or uncertain. In this type of chart the Sun position is placed at the ascendant (regardless of where it might be if the birth time were known). The houses, beginning with the first house, start from the sign and degree of the sun and follow sequentially using an equal house size system.

Solar Return  The return of one's birthdate each year when the Sun returns to the same degree as the birth degree. A chart done for this date is called a Solar Return Chart and is thought to show the tone of the coming year. This is because except for the Sun being in the same position as the birth chart most if not all of the other planets will be in different placements that the individual will have to deal with in the year to come.

Solstices  Solstices occur twice each year, when the tilt of the Earth's axis is most inclined toward or away from the Sun. From this, we time the beginning of our seasons. At the summer solstice, we begin the season of most daylight in the northern hemisphere.

Splay  A chart pattern formed by planets in all or almost all the quadrants of the chart. This type of pattern denotes a wide variety of interests.

Square  The 90 degree major aspect between planets: 9' orb allowed - interpreted as having the influence of being tension producing, difficult, determined, forceful, defensive, yet achievement conscious.

Synastry  The comparing of two charts by aspects and placements to find compatibility. This is how we see the Karma in relationships. The search for Compatibly also caled comparison charting.

Stellium  A large conjunction of planets usually in the same sign. This often symbolizes a purpose to be fulfilled.

Stonehenge  A large prehistoric stone sculpture in Wiltshire England, made in the form of an Astrological Calendar that tracks movements of the Sun as it passes through stone formations at different times of the year.

Subconscious  The part of mind just below awareness threshold that influences attitudes, habits, pre-conceptions, and governs most behavior. There are different levels to the unconscious, from the subtle (Neptune) to the gross (Pluto).



Taurus  This is the 2nd. Sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the Planet Venus. Taurus the bull, symbolizes physical love, earthiness, physical strength and matter, money and finances, possessions, values, warmth, architecture and building in all forms, pleasure, bankers, brokers, moguls. It also rules music and the arts with a love of form and design. Venus, the ruler of Taurus also rules the 2nd House of money and values. To learn more about the Sign, see Your Sun in Taurus Life and The Second House.

Tenth House  This House rules career, fatherhood, one's standing in the community and role in adult life. It is one of the four angles of the chart (First House, Fourth House, Seventh House, Tenth House) and as such is significant in how the individual integrates with their environment. The Sign on the cusp indicates how the matters of this House are understood and dealt with. This House is analogous to the Sign Capricorn.

Time Zones  The United States is divided into four Time Zones, each an hour apart, starting with Eastern Standard Time on the East Coast, which is five hours from Greenwich, England, where time starts. See History of Time Zones and Standard Time.

Third House  This House rules communication, thought, ideas, siblings, elemental relationships, and is the basis for how the individual relates to others. The sign on the cusp indicates how these matters are approached and dealt with. This House is analogous to the Sign Gemini.

Transits  Transits are the current positions of planets moving through the heavens relative to the natal chart. They symbolize confrontation of occurences from the past, as they traverse over stationary planet positions from the birth or inception of an event. The closer a transit is to a natal planet the more the effect is felt.

Trine  The 120 degree major aspect between planets: 9' orb allowed - interpreted as having the influence of being easy, relaxing, cooperative and harmonious, however not much self-initiative.

Twelfth House  This House deals with the inner being, karma, intution, hopes, dreams, wishes, beliefs, the culmination of the upper hemisphere of the chart. The sign on the cusp of this House indicates how these matters are dealt with. This House is analogous to the Sign Pisces.


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