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(Compatibility, Synastry)
by Martin Schulman

5 Star Rating
Martin Schulman Audio Book


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Martin Schulman Astrology best seller



♦ Karmic Interpretations
♦ Both Male and Female Aspects
♦ Full Karmic Synastry
♦ Famous Relationships explained
♦ How couples succeed or fail
♦ Spiritually Enlightening

NARRATED by Martin Schulman

Description:      Karmic Relationships by Martin Schulman, is by far, the finest Astrology book on Compatibility ever written. It allows you to compare Karmic aspects between two Horoscopes, and identify different Karmic roles in each individual so that both can achieve spiritual growth in a Relationship.

Because the male Venus square the female Mars acts differently than the female Venus square the male Mars, Martin Schulman has prepared all chart contacts in this this excellent Astrology Synastry book with two different descriptions,- one for the male and one for the female in every aspect.

What makes Karmic Relationships such an insightful astrology book is that it enables both males and females to see how they are actually meeting themself within each relationship. You can see how their past life karma hidden in their soul unconscious, brings the kind of partners they need, into their life.

In this one-of-a-kind Astrology book, Martin Schulman delineates the Horoscopes of celebrity couples involved in Karmic Relationships.

Upgrade Version: New Easy to Read Format.

"See the Karmic tests and challenges in your most intimate relationships!"


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Ratings: Horoscope Magazines and astrology websites rate this Martin Schulman Astrology book, the highest rating: Five Stars 5 star reviews

Reader Buzz: "Karmic Relationships is fantastic!", L. Brown  "Excellent resource..deep" Sheryl Rak  "Deep, well worth the money" A Reader  "I do recommend this book to anyone.. well worth the read", Chrysta


rating Appreciate more!
   Reviewer:  "charissaa" (Sherman Oaks, California)

   Like all of Martin Schulman's books, Karmic Relationships is in-depth...with descriptive paragraphs. Schulman writes on each aspect. Is filled with insight.

Once again, you cannot go wrong when you decide to purchase the book to learn more about how you relate with another person. Keep in mind the book discusses specific synastry chart aspects between two people so keep the chart in one gain insight and wisdom in your own relationships! nodes

rating "Karmic Relationships is filled with insight."

   Reviewer:  A Reader

One of My Favorite Books on Synastry or chart comparision. Easy to use and almost always accurate. Simple yet deep. Well worth the money.

rating Fantastic.."
   Reviewer:    Lori A Greve-Brown (Mokelumne Hill, California)

    Martin Schulman's book "Karmic Relationships" is fantastic! I have several books on synastry but this one is by far the best. He examines relationships from a spiritual and karmic perspective that is immensely helpful in identifying potential problems in a relationship

In many instances he identifies challenges that may be transcended to create harmony within a relationship. Over the years I have found his interpretations to be very accurate and a helpful tool for creating fulfilling and harmonious relationships.

This book is a must for any astrological library. retrogrades

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Book Credits : Best Seller
Karmic Relationship is recognized as the ONLY Astrology Book on Compatibility (Synastry) that considers aspects from both the male and female point of view. Another Best-Seller recognized in Astrology schools all over the world.

Author: Martin Schulman is a living Astrological Icon in a "class by himself". His ingenious Karmic Astrology books keep shaping the future of modern Astrology.


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