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by Martin Schulman

5 Star Rating
Martin Schulman Audio Book


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Martin Schulman Astrology best seller



♦ Sex and the Planets
♦ The Sex Function
♦ Sexual Karma
♦ Sexuality and the Houses
♦ Famous Horoscope Delinations
♦ Allegory

NARRATED by Martin Schulman

Description:      The Astrology of Sexuality by Martin Schulman, sees personal sex to be such an important Karmic activity, that instead of describing sex from only the Eighth House, it explains how every Sign and House in the Horoscope each play their role in the sexual experience.

The Astrology of Sexuality explores sex behavior and sexual conscious- ness, as Martin Schulman describes how these Signs and Houses form different combinations in the Horoscope that cause normal and deviant traits, habits, and Karmic tendencies.

Famous Horoscope delineations of lives powerfully influenced by Sex reinforce intriguing Astrology principles set forth in this lucidly truthful audio book.

This wonderful Astrology book culminates with a special Martin Schulman Allegory, that might bring tears to your eyes and Karmic understanding to your heart.

Upgrade Version: New Easy to Listen Format.

"Grasp the deep Karmic meaning of your most intimate sexual moments!"


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Ratings: Horoscope Magazines and astrology websites rate this Martin Schulman Astrology book, the highest rating: Five Stars 5 star reviews

Reader Buzz: "Very informative and accurate", Omni "How sexual partners experience you" N. Fenn "Great help to anyone.." A Reader


rating Very in Depth!
   Reviewer:  Omni "kylephoenix" (New York, NY)

    "I find it to be very informative and accurate to the chart information and placement. I'm really impressed by a book being so cogent and chock full of useful information. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in deeper interpretation of their chart thru placement of their houses." nodes

rating "Isis Unveiled"

   Reviewer:  Nancy R. Fenn "The IntrovertZCoach" (Jamul)-

Whoever you are, whatever you think about sex, you are not alone! Under- standing sexual energy is a must for advanced metaphysical students. Astrology gives this mysterious and powerful subject an understanding available from no other perspective. That in itself is reason to devour Schulman'

In this book, you will discover that there are 12 basic approaches to sex.. The book discusses sexual strengths, weaknesses, desires, aversions, musts and must nots based on each of the 12 Rising Signs and all the House Rulerships.

You will discover, for example, how your sexual partners experience you during courtship and lovemaking, what you must learn sexually and what you are here to teach, the type of partner that is best for your development and many other useful pieces of insight and information.

Many of the ills of society are a direct result of repressed and unhealthy sexual attitudes in America. A true understanding of the information in this book can go a long way toward healing this very dark corner of our culture.

"The Astrology of Sexuality," like the other books in this series, will make a valuable edtion to any astrologer's permanent reference library. nodes

rating Interpretations that never stray from the subject matter!"
   Reviewer:     A Reader

    Great resource of informaiton. Interpretations offer keywords at the end of each section, ie. "romantic to a fault, teaches partner the idea of devotion." If you are a beginner, I suggest you obtain the birth chart. Has ample chart delineations of personalities in the back of the book that are helpful in the interpretation process. All in all, it's a well-thought out book that should be of great help to anyone interested in the astrological approach to sex and relationships. retrogrades

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Book Credits : Best Seller with Worlwide Acclaim!
The Astrology of Sexuality is recognized on three continents for its thorough treatment (normal and abnormal) of sexual fantasies, impulses and behavior. Praised for how sex experiences are influenced and felt in every Sign and House position of the Horoscope as well as its detailed Horoscope Delineations of well-known individuals whose lives were built on sex.

Author: Martin Schulman is a living Astrological Icon in a "class by himself". His ingenious books reveal the deepest secrets of Karma, Astrology, Metaphysics and the Occult, as his writings keep shaping the future of modern Astrology.


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