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Birth Certificate Requirements

Alaska requirements to obtain birth certificates
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birth certificate requirements in Alaska
Birth Records kept since January 1913.
Alaska birth certificate requirements

Cost: 1 copy: $20.00,
Contact: Department of Health and Social Services
Bureau of Vital Statistics
5441 Commercial Blvd.
Juneau, AK 99801

Personal check or money order should be made payable to Bureau of Vital Statistics. To verify current fees, the telephone number is (907) 465-3391.

Special Instructions:
All requests must include a picture of the applicant. Enlarge the copy and lighten it as much as possible to be sure that it is clear and readable when sent to the Bureau. A signature under the copied ID is also required.

Latitudes and Longitudes:
Alaska Cities.     All Cities.

Famous Celebrities Born in Alaska
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NameKnown forSun SignBirthdate
Eark, KateSongwriterLibraOct  8, 1981
Gomez, Scott HockeyCapriDec 23, 1979
Hall, TravisFootballLeoAug  3, 1972
Khleo, ThomasActorAquarJan 30, 1989
Kutcher, RandyBaseballTauruApr 20, 1960

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