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Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio horoscope chart

Moon's Nodes: Karma
North Node in Sagittarius- 3rd. House
South Node in Gemini- 9th. House

Ascendant: Self
3'07" Libra
First Decanate:Libra

Retrogrades: Past
Satur: 18'48" Cancer - Second Decanate:Pisces

Love Life
Venus: 19'54" Scorpio
Second Decanate:Pisces

Seventh House 3'07" Aries
First Decanate:Aries

Sex Life
Eighth House 00'29" Taurus
First Decanate:Taurus

Eleventh House 0'11" Virgo
First Decanate:Virgo

Personal Planets
Click Houses for specific definitions.
Planet in SignPlanet in House
Sun  in ScorpSun  in 2nd. House
Moon in LibrMoon in 1st. House
Merc in LibrMerc in 1st. House
Venu in ScorVenu in 2nd. House
Mars in ScorMars in 2nd. House

CoConscious Planets
Planet in SignPlanet in House
Jupi in PiscJupi in 6th. House
Satu in CancSatu in 10th. House
Urau in LibrUrau in 1st. House
Nept in SagiNept in 3rd. House
Pluto in LibrPluto in 1st. House



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Recommended Astrology Books by Martin Schulman
Available in Audio Books and PDF Print Books- Immediate Downloads

Karmic Astrology I The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation - Audio
Karmic Astrology II Retrogrades and Reincarnation - Audio
Karmic Astrology III Joy and the Part of Fortune - Audio
Karmic Astrology IV The Karma of the Now - Audio
The Ascendant Your Karmic Doorway - Audio
Karmic Relationships - Audio
The Astrology of Sexuality - Audio
Venus The Gift of Love - Audio
A Guide To Your Horoscope - Celestial Harmony
PDF Print
PDF Print
PDF Print
PDF Print
PDF Print
PDF Print
PDF Print
PDF Print
PDF Print

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