JULY 1992 Ephemeris 00:00 GMT
Retrogrades are lower degree than previous day.

We 01 18:37:11 09CN25 16CN10 04LE52 14CN10 11TA55 09VI44 17AQ37 16CP19 17CP48 20SC23 00CP10
Th 02 18:41:07 10CN22 01LE05 06LE02 15CN24 12TA38 09VI53 17AQ34 16CP16 17CP47 20SC22 00CP07
Fr 03 18:45:04 11CN19 16LE01 07LE10 16CN37 13TA21 10VI02 17AQ31 16CP14 17CP45 20SC22 00CP04

Sa 04 18:49:00 12CN16 00VI50 08LE15 17CN51 14TA04 10VI12 17AQ28 16CP11 17CP44 20SC21 00CP01
Su 05 18:52:57 13CN13 15VI26 09LE17 19CN05 14TA47 10VI21 17AQ24 16CP09 17CP42 20SC20 29SG57
Mo 06 18:56:53 14CN11 29VI43 10LE16 20CN19 15TA29 10VI31 17AQ21 16CP06 17CP40 20SC19 29SG54

Tu 07 19:00:50 15CN08 13LI40 11LE11 21CN32 16TA12 10VI40 17AQ18 16CP04 17CP39 20SC18 29SG51
We 08 19:04:47 16CN05 27LI16 12LE04 22CN46 16TA55 10VI50 17AQ14 16CP02 17CP37 20SC17 29SG48
Th 09 19:08:43 17CN02 10SC31 12LE53 23CN60 17TA37 11VI00 17AQ11 15CP59 17CP35 20SC17 29SG45

Fr 10 19:12:40 17CN59 23SC28 13LE38 25CN14 18TA20 11VI10 17AQ07 15CP57 17CP34 20SC16 29SG41
Sa 11 19:16:36 18CN57 06SG09 14LE20 26CN28 19TA02 11VI20 17AQ04 15CP54 17CP32 20SC15 29SG38
Su 12 19:20:33 19CN54 18SG36 14LE58 27CN41 19TA45 11VI30 16AQ60 15CP52 17CP31 20SC15 29SG35

Mo 13 19:24:29 20CN51 00CP53 15LE32 28CN55 20TA27 11VI40 16AQ56 15CP50 17CP29 20SC14 29SG32
Tu 14 19:28:26 21CN48 12CP60 16LE02 00LE09 21TA09 11VI51 16AQ52 15CP47 17CP27 20SC14 29SG29
We 15 19:32:22 22CN46 24CP60 16LE28 01LE23 21TA51 12VI01 16AQ49 15CP45 17CP26 20SC13 29SG26

Th 16 19:36:19 23CN43 06AQ55 16LE49 02LE36 22TA33 12VI11 16AQ45 15CP42 17CP24 20SC13 29SG22
Fr 17 19:40:16 24CN40 18AQ46 17LE06 03LE50 23TA15 12VI22 16AQ41 15CP40 17CP23 20SC12 29SG19
Sa 18 19:44:12 25CN37 00PI37 17LE18 05LE04 23TA57 12VI32 16AQ37 15CP38 17CP21 20SC12 29SG16

Su 19 19:48:09 26CN34 12PI29 17LE26 06LE18 24TA38 12VI43 16AQ33 15CP35 17CP19 20SC11 29SG13
Mo 20 19:52:05 27CN32 24PI25 17LE29 07LE32 25TA20 12VI54 16AQ29 15CP33 17CP18 20SC11 29SG10
Tu 21 19:56:02 28CN29 06AR29 17LE26 08LE45 26TA01 13VI05 16AQ24 15CP31 17CP16 20SC11 29SG07

We 22 19:59:58 29CN26 18AR45 17LE19 09LE59 26TA43 13VI16 16AQ20 15CP28 17CP15 20SC10 29SG03
Th 23 20:03:55 00LE23 01TA16 17LE07 11LE13 27TA24 13VI27 16AQ16 15CP26 17CP13 20SC10 29SG00
Fr 24 20:07:51 01LE21 14TA06 16LE50 12LE27 28TA05 13VI38 16AQ12 15CP24 17CP11 20SC10 28SG57

Sa 25 20:11:48 02LE18 27TA20 16LE28 13LE41 28TA47 13VI49 16AQ08 15CP21 17CP10 20SC09 28SG54
Su 26 20:15:45 03LE15 10GE59 16LE02 14LE54 29TA28 13VI60 16AQ03 15CP19 17CP08 20SC09 28SG51
Mo 27 20:19:41 04LE13 25GE06 15LE32 16LE08 00GE09 14VI11 15AQ59 15CP17 17CP07 20SC09 28SG47

Tu 28 20:23:38 05LE10 09CN39 14LE57 17LE22 00GE49 14VI22 15AQ55 15CP15 17CP05 20SC09 28SG44
We 29 20:27:34 06LE08 24CN33 14LE20 18LE36 01GE30 14VI34 15AQ50 15CP12 17CP04 20SC09 28SG41
Th 30 20:31:31 07LE05 09LE42 13LE39 19LE50 02GE11 14VI45 15AQ46 15CP10 17CP02 20SC09 28SG38

Fr 31 20:35:27 08LE02 24LE55 12LE56 21LE03 02GE51 14VI57 15AQ41 15CP08 17CP01 20SC09 28SG35

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