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Work:   The Martin Schulman Karmic Astrology Books, starting with Vol. 1, the Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation, represent the first serious legitimate effort in Western World Astrology to employ the Astrological Chart to prove the Hindu belief in Reincarnation.

Seeing the horoscope as a significant indicator of the Soul's Path from one life to another, Martin Schulman created the original concept and term "Karmic Astrology" during the early 1970's; which subsequently in 1975, became the official published title of his Best Selling series of books.

This author holds a Psychology degree and was nom- inated for Who's Who in America. His Karmic Astrology - The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnaiton, has achieved recognition on the New York Gazette's Top Ten Best Seller List.

Known worldwide for his writing in over 50 book translations and many Dell Horoscope articles, Martin Schulman, keeps contributing numerous articles to this website as well as the monthly Astrology Newsletter ORBIT.

He has appeared on radio and national television, lectured across the United States, and his books (now numbering eleven) are accepted texts in many astrological schools throughout the world. He is also available for Karmic Astrology Readings as well as Astrological Counseling from the Classic Legend Books Website.

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