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by Martin Schulman

Martin Schulman Astrology Best Seller

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Schulman five star book ratingsIlluminates The Ascendant For Us!
   Reviewer:  Sheryl RAK(Chicago, IL, USA)

to you. In intense, yet unfolding over time, he notes that we often look to our charts to show us potentials, overlooking reality. "Thus, instead of seeing the individual as he or she truly is, we envision future possibilities which may or may not manifest.

Every person's chart contains within it all of the possibilities that the person needs for a full life. But it is only when we are 'plugged in' to the way in which our inner being receives and gives illumination (from and to the outer environment) that the fullness of life becomes a realizable fact.

I feel that the ascendant is the expression of each person's reality... The ascendant then becomes a doorway to understanding reality... not through the potential it can reach, but rather through the essence that it IS reaching.

The Ascendant as 'doorway' becomes the filter between all that exists inside the chart and all that exists in the outside world".

Schulman goes beyond what most astrologers delineate as the purpose of exploring one's ascendant beyond physical appearance and the way one presents him- or herself to the world, to the way one relates to one's own appearance and how we base our opinions of others on how we judge their appearance, leading us to

"...tend to see life through a rather one-dimensional viewport, and many of their problems center around feelings of emptiness, lack and struggles for self-worth."

"Yet," he says, "...there is enough proof everywhere to us to realize how easily we can be deceived if we put too much importance on physical appearance. It is impossible for anyone to establish a real identity if he does not know the nature of reality."

"The only reality there is comes from the universal oneness. If we understand that the chart is a symbol for all the possible energies and possibilities that the universe gives us, then we can understand the ascendant is that point through which the ever-flowing stream of divine consciousness pours through us to contact the external world. Only when we realize this can we begin to understand the implications of correct or incorrect identification through the ascendant."

Martin Schulman's series of books KARMIC ASTROLOGY, are excellent resources, deep.. and this book continues the sharing exposition. ascendant

Schulman five star book ratingsThe Ascendant Your Karmic Doorway
   Summary by:  The Publisher ; Classic Legend Books.

        The Ascendant Your Karmic Doorway by Martin Schulman focuses on the Zodiac Sign coming up over the horizon at sunrise, often called the Rising Sign. This holds within it, the natal birth potential for the forthcoming day. Since it ascends into light,- we aptly refer to it as The Ascendant, but, how much influence does it exert over the rest of our horoscope?

       How is the Ascendant related to the Sun Sign, the Moon Sign and the Nodes? Does it affect more than your appearance and personality and how is it influenced by the levels of consciousness you are achieving? Could there be something much deeper here that makes this very important point in the horoscope worthy of a a new kind of astrological analysis that can bring us better insight into ourselves?.

        Martin Schulman sees it as a Karmic Doorway, acting as a filter between all the past life memory potential within the reincarnated soul,- symbolized by the current life natal chart,- and the outer world of ever-changing experiences that must be karmically faced if there is to be spiritual growth in the current incarnation. Taking us on a journey through each Ascendant Sign, the author shows us what happens when the individual gets caught up in too much identification with the impersonal karma of the world, and how much gets resolved when this is overcome by correct use of their Ascendant.

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