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by Martin Schulman

Martin Schulman best-seller: Karmic Relationships

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Schulman five star book ratingswonderful astrological book on relationships
   Reviewer:  "charissaa" (Sherman Oaks, California)

Like all of Martin Schulman's books, Karmic Relationships is in-depth... with descriptive paragraphs. Schulman writes on each aspect. Is filled with insight.

Once again, you cannot go wrong when you decide to purchase the book to learn more about how you relate with another person. Keep in mind the book discusses specific synastry chart aspects between two people so keep the chart in one gain insight and wisdom in your own relationships! Karmic Relationships

Schulman five star book ratingsKarmic Relationships by Martin Schulman
   Reviewer: Lori A Greve-Brown (Mokelumne Hill, California)

Martin Schulman's book "Karmic Relationships" is fantastic! I have several books on synastry but this one is by far the best. He examines relationships from a spiritual and karmic perspective that is immensely helpful in identifying potential problems in a relationship

In many instances he identifies challenges that may be transcended to create harmony within a relationship. Over the years I have found his interpretations to be very accurate and a helpful tool for creating fulfilling and harmonious relaitonships.

This book is a must for any astrological library. Karmic Relationships

Schulman five star book ratingsKarmic Relationships
   Summary by:  The Publisher ; Classic Legend Books.

        There is an Ancient saying; "When the student is ready.. the teacher is there!" Everyone in our lives has something to impart to us, and those with us the longest,- our loved ones, are our greatest Karmic Masters. They carry much soul wisdom in hidden mystical secrets that are only revealed to us when we learn the subtly veiled lessons in these vital Karmic Relationships.

        In this Astrological Best-Seller, Martin Schulman makes an insightful contribution to natal synastry and horoscope compatibility, by giving us a deeper look at the soul of these relationships so that we may understand the karmic behavior patterns that are constantly repeating in our lives. In keeping with the teachings that, 'We may not always get what we want, but God always gives us what we need',- this excellent author takes us into the deeper realms of Spiritual and Karmic Astrology through the entire vast myriad of all the planetary aspects and chart contacts that we could possibly experience with others.

        A first in Astrology literature on synastry, this highly recommended book indivually defines both male and female aspects, so that there is no mistaking that a male Moon trine a female Venus has an entirely different meaning than a female Moon trine a male Venus.. Schulman covers so many levels here, that we cannot help but find ourselves surprisingly enriched by the experience. Be sure to read the conclusion..

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