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The Martin Schulman Story Collection
© 2006-2007   Viewing: 1- The Boy and the Sword

                                      A Word from the Author

changing seasons I have always felt that Astrology is more than our deducing the effects of planetary motion.

Rather, it is a way of life filled with the colors and tapestries of all our dreams. Wherever we turn in this universe, we are part of a story; an unfolding story of hopes, prayers and aspirations for a better life. In every culture we find this fabric of folklore in its legends, myths and fables that are handed down from elders of the past to each new generation until it becomes woven into the cloth of a new age who in turn treasures it and holds onto it much longer and more dearly than diamonds and gold.

These stories are our spiritual fibre and how well we can recall them, live them and tell them breathes life into our existence and creates our children's futures. They span across cultures and religions, languages and races, for they are the very essence of all we are. Whatever we do or have done, it is the story of it that lives on and in these stories presented here, we can find deeper meaning to our lives as they warm our hearts and enrich our souls with understanding and love.

Martin Schulman

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